Saturday, 19 April 2008

Shaikh Haytham Tamim

Shaikh Haytham Tamim tudied Shariah for over 16 years and holds ijaazas (certifications) from scholars in Syria, Lebanon, India, Pakistan and Medina. He has verified (tahqiq) over 20 classical Islamic books. His specialities include comparative Fiqh, Usool and Hadith. He has taught students for over 12 years, including a year in the UK.

Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi

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Revialism and Change Seminar - Part 3

"Just as the blood revives the mind and circulates through the body and to the heart, the same analogy can be used for those individuals who revive the nations of people, reboosting the society around them by regenerating the minds and intellects." (Shaykh Haytham Tamim)

This one day course will look at the concept of 'revivalism and how certain individuals from the past and present have made a significant change to the society at large. Renewal known as Arabic as Tajdeed is bound by certain conditions and limits.

This course will unravel many revivalists from the past and present who have made a noteworthy contribution to the world we live in today. Revivalism in Islam is to come back to the true spirit of the faith through facing many challenges and obstacles.

Objectives: By the end of the course students will be able to;

Students will feel encouraged to make change and apply what they have learnt practically by looking at the revivalists who have made an impact on our world.

  1. To improve their quality in conduct and character.
  2. To feel motivated to make change by looking at those in the past and present who are known as revivalists.
  3. To understand how to face challenges and obstacles and not be deterred from striving to make change through the spirit of optimism.
  4. To connect students to role models of the past and not those role models who can mislead us in the present age.
  • * How the Prophet (saw) made change through following the rules of this life
  • * The conditions followed by the Prophet (saw) when making change
  • * Revivalism in context to educational, spiritual and political achievements
  • * To learn about the characteristics of the revivalists and understand their reality
  • * The conditions of revivalism and change in general
  • * Analysis of the circumstances which were around the revivalists'
  • * Historical view on the revivalist mujaddidoon and the concept of revivalism Tajdeed
  • * Islam and Citizenship
  • * Islam in the West today