Sunday, 12 July 2009

10k for Muslim Youth Helpline!

Sunday 12th July 2009, another year and another British 10k run comes faster than I can eat a chicken tikka kebab at Angel Kebabs!

The weather was great for the run, had a pre-race breakfast consisting of bran flakes with banana with some semi-skimmed milk. This was ideal as did not want to touch the caffeine or fried edibles. I was still trying to keep the food from the Malay restaurant from Friday night down (oops too much info).

I was running again for the Muslim Youth Helpline, and Alhamdullilah has been a very successful sponsorship campaign, with around GBP340.00 raised on-line and much off-line which I am looking to collect over the next few days. Progress on the sponsorship campaign below.

More information on Muslim Youth Helpline can be found on
They do some great work and is worth visiting.

The route I knew about from last year, which I clocked around 55mins. However, this year was totally different, with very little training this year I was trying to equal this or at least get under an hour:-). With only a JPM chase 5.6k run at 44 minutes 3 days ago (mind you this was done with a 5min pit stop at the Mens, and was nursing a brother who had an injury for the first 3k), was not looking good. With so many people rushing to the starting line, a few of the brave MYH runners and I went round to near the starting line.

The horn was blown at 9.35am to kick the race off, we however started around 9.48am and quickly lost east other in the first 100m through dodging the slow pacers. A sign for the 1k, followed by 3k and then 6k, 7k and then that's when it started to get difficult going towards Parliament from Embankment, all uphill. The next sign I saw was 9k and this was a much relief as the legs were going. I sprinted into Whitehall and pushed myself, finishing the race with the clock at 1:00:38 on the finish line clock, which made my run time at around 0:47:38 sec! This was a result which I was much happy with, MashAllah. So much pics and celebrations at Pizza Express followed!

Will contemplate another 10k run next year in a years time, after some ice on my legs...