Thursday, 7 August 2008

Brothers Account of the Rihal Programme

I met a brother, called Sagir Hassam, known to all his close friends and family as "Hagi almost over a year ago during my charity fundraising campaign to walk up Mount Snowdon.

This brother is a brother with much energy, you would think he has a power plant connected to his orifices, never mind Duracell AA long lasting batteries. However his heart is in the right place and that what counts. He embarked on a journey last month on the Rihla Programme and yesterday came to present and share his experience with his colleagues and close freinds.

More about the Deen intensive programme can be found on:

Another very close brother of mines, Zakaria Timms also went on this programme. I was very much moved by the presentaion, especially the warmth of brother Hagis love for learning about Islam, Our Prophet (pbuh) as well as the smallest and beautiful things that he had experienced on his journey.

There were many people that brother Hagi had mentioned and my mind is not so great in trying to download them now onto cyberspace so easily, I will IA endeaver to do as this is something I would like to learn more about.

This years program was held in the blessed cities of Madinah, Mecca and Taif during the month of July.

I will look more at the works of these scholars in due course IA.