Saturday, 3 May 2008

Prophetic Seerah Course

The Prophetic Seerah Course taught by Shaykh Abu Sondes

Traditionally many courses on the Prophetic Seerah have provided a
descriptive account of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This
course is unique as it provides students the essential 'analysis'
of the Prophetic Seerah by breaking down the life of the Prophet
(pbuh) into stages and looking in detail at the important lessons
that can be derived. Particular emphasis is given to the methods
of delivering the Islamic call (da'wah) to others. The Prophet
Muhammad (saw) is a model of human perfection. It is only through
the study of his life, actions and words that Muslims have hope
of following in his footsteps.

By the end of the course students should feel motivated to emulate
the responses and reactions of the perfect role model by analysing
the Seerah. They will also acquire a higher appreciation of the
events which the Prophet (saw) endured and feel inspired to attain
Allah's pleasure by identifying the most important sources of the
Seerah. The course will cover: The Purpose of Studying the Seerah,
Characteristics of the Seerah, Sources of the Seerah, and Lessons
from the Prophetic Seerah.

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