Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Pictures of Banbury Living ...

The Banbury Town Centre.....on the 25th....thus the deserted roads! Went on a stroll at lunch time to clear my head....though it was chilled and had to rush back for much needed chai....

The Brothers quarters at the Mosque, here we ate sleep and drank @ the Winter Halaqa 2008! To the left where the brother in white appears to be prostrating is where my I sleep! Through the curtain at the back to the right is where the Main Hall of the Mosque is situated.

After one of the the Question and Answer session Brother Omar asks Shaykh Samir Al Nass a question, think it was on "Black Magic"....with his helper to the left and the Banbury host "rude bhoy" to the right (not sure whos kid that is...)

Friday "Mafia" Night, suspects close in hand, Talhat, Shezzad out of the picture, with the others in the circle discussing suspects.

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