Saturday, 1 August 2009

Muslim Aid - Snowdonia Trek 2009

I was one of the 49 or so strong team of Muslim Aid-erz on the Snowdon Challenge Part 2 in aid of the Pakistan Crisis.

On 13th May Muslim Aid launched an emergency appeal for the people of Pakistan with a target of £1 million. So far, you have helped us raise a fantastic £100,000 which has been used to provide shelter, food, fuel and medicine.

With very little expectations going into the MA Snowdon Trek 2009, I was very well impressed by many things. Having been to Snowdonia with a previous charity a few years back, by far the quality and experience of this trip was second to none. So who says Muslims can not organise events well?!
It was truly a blessing to meet like minded active Brothers in Charity on the Trek.

My highlights:

Day 1:
-Coach travel was most enjoying, and the driver Anita (non-Muslim) was great throughout, very lively and accommodating especially when we would stop over to do our Salaat at the service stations.
-Brotherly love and banter during Day 1 Owl time, it was safe to say the Brothers got well acquainted with one another, up to the early hours of 2am, thanks to few accessories, torches, shadows, sounds and groans....leave that to your imagination.....
-Qur'an and Nasheed recitation from a well versed Br. named Sultan:-), was a very good idea and Mash Allah voice was good, Akhi.
-Making Salat with the Akhis in Jammat at the service station, a real bond and the beauty of Salat was there to see for all.

Day 2:
-Trek was great, and little bit of competition to get some of that testosterone out for the men showed big time
-Coffee on the cards for all, that was well deserved, and to see one of the Brothers strolling in (Muneem Bhai), having walked up with no food given his mate had taking his food to reach Mt.

Day 3:
-Excellent Day 3 "off the beaten track trekking", with some of the Akhis, doing Titanic poses on the top of the Mountain (names will not be disclosed - yet!)
-Did not just make good friends, but made long lasting Brotherly Bonds via this event

There are so many more highlights too many too mention and pictures don't do justice to the time I personally had in Wales.

Jazakum Allah Khayr to all the Muslim Aid organisers and volunteers who have done an amazing job in organising and making the event a great success. May Allah swt reward you all for your efforts. May Allah swt reward all those who took part in the event. Ameen. Ameen.

Definitely would recommend events organised by Muslim Aid!

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