Wednesday, 1 October 2008

End of the Road -Ramadan & Eid-Ul-Fitr

It was a very sad time to see that the month of Ramadan was over. Insha'Allah I will see it in 11 months time.

Ramadan emerged first to be my companion, as the each day went, it became a really good freind, then a brother and then it was routed into my heart and soul, I was finally breathing Ramadan.

I embraced Ramadan this time like no other, May Allah accept my Fast, Salat, Duas and Tawbah. It taught me a lot about myself and others around me, the temporal World we live in and the the World that we can only imagine. It brought me to be lot more patient not so much with others but more with myself foremost, as Sabr with others will come through the Sabr of oneself.

Reading the Qur'an, recitation and translation aided my understanding and love for the words of Allah (swt). My love for humanity and all that Allah has created grew, not just the things I know but also the things I did not know or was ignorant albeit subconsciously.

The fasting was not just a hardship for the stomach but one for the mind too, it was one of control for me. I rarely used energy to speak about things that did not concern me and that I did speak about, I had the intention for good cause. It was not just the speech, but everything, one hearing, their sight and limbs can also play a role, and my observation of my own actions and its affect on others and through observing other piuos people around me aided me.

These are all something which I have the intention to carry forward to my day to day life not for the one month of Ramadan. Ramadan for me was me training to become a better fighter, better man, one that can centre himself and think in a balanced frame of mind.

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Amina Choudhury said...

A very thought provoking account. I wish I had done as much...