Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 29

The Penultimate Day perhaps for the end to this beautiful month for another year for now Insha'Allah.

Had 2 Jus to go to complete the Qur'an. I got up later than usual, though was prompted by the Docs appointment in any case at 11:10, which went like clockwork, she gave the eye, the all clear, back at home by quarter to 12. Chilled out for a whilst before embarking on reading the Qur'an leaving just one Jus left.

Went to Green Street (E7, Capital of Indian Fashion Wear suggested by some - so hey what am I doing there I hear your shout out...lol) ...well to buy Papa Ali and Mini Me some Eid garments (Mama and sis will get cash instead...me buying women outfits, thats dangerous!). Paps could not go so was on my own for the trip, which was like blind leading the blind...as was clueless as to where or what to get. All I knew was what I have seen Brothers wear in the Mosque, only found out what they were called just a week ago. So with that word, "jubbas" in my vocab I went on my conquest to purchase a few, well 2 hours later, I had 3 jubbas for myself and 2 for Dad plus a a waistcoat Denis Taylor would be proud of. I must confess I had a aid from a close friend who helped me through this experience, knew exactly where and what to get, May Allah help her and continue to guide her to the righteous path.

Green Street was roaming with peeps, they were like ants, weaving in and out of shops, girls getting their Hennas and threading done, guys in their Bimaz working their sub-woofers in what would be one of the narrowest road per capita in London, so surprised there were no causalities.
By 18:00 announcement was filtering through the Green Street "Bazaars" that Eid was tomorrow, was a shock to many folks inc. myself....that only meant one thing...peeps went Mad! Shop till they drop and eat till their hearts are content at Iftaari! Got out whilst the coast was clear, broke my fast in the car and headed to sisters.

With some Indian sweets visited my 2nd sister and duly rested for a whilst, I could not eat much there, think my body was going thrugh a crisis of some sort, just cant eat much anymore. Given that now I knew Eid will be tomorrow (for all this time as had not heard differently in my circle of friends and families).

I had to get back home to complete the Qur'an and making a long dua after. I took my time reading the last Surahs, it was a beautiful journey through the Qur'an in my own way. First and foremost went to all the 27 Taraweeh prayers to hear the recitation of the Qur'an from different Qaris in my local masjid and in Regents Park. Secondly, went throughout the Qur'an on the 4 day course to go through the translation of all the Suras (highlighting key Suras) and Finally read the Qur'an on my own to complete this during the month of Ramadan, in the month in which it was first revealed all 1400 +years ago.

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