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11th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Monday 7th November 2011)

Tashreek – Day One
Our group was blessed with many great professionals from all industries, and from all over the UK too. We had a few Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, IT technicians, not to mention the transport industry was fully represented, with professionals from TFL tube and buses, black can and mini cab drivers, it was a great mix. Our own Mayor Boris would definitely had given the thumbs up for a future consortium with this group! (Perhaps to create the new Hajji Mobile in London?...)

I went to our resident Pharmacist, Brother Hasan from Swansea, and he was Alhamdulillah a top bro. He came with his 2 elder sisters, and he was great to have around the camp. He mentioned there was a Hospital not too far away from our camp where a Doctor would see you and subsequently would prescribe you medicine for your ailments. I intended to do just that after Fajr prayer. I got talking to an Uncle from our group, who was very emotional to be at Hajj, who over the course of the next hour told me all about his 3 near death experiences, Alhamdullillah Allah has blessed him with this chance now to complete his Hajj.

I got to the hospital at 8am, and after seeing much entertainment in the ques for a good hour or so, was swiftly seen by a Doctor who diagnosed me with a throat infection. A few minutes later I was provided with a bag full of medicine which included antibiotics, cough medicine, paracetamol and wait for it, skin healing cream for burns!

After Dhuhr , there was a mass collection of stones in our part of the tent. Brothers from all over the tent came to ourside as if it was the “chosen” place for stones, and lifted the carpet to hunt for their Jamarat stones.

There was a great Nasiha by our resident Shaykh Abu Hanifah about:
1. The obligations /commands of Allah swt
2. Staying away from what is unlawful / ones desires that can be harmful
3. Where one does not have any control – one must have Sabr

Then the heart renching story about Imam Ahmed who was unknown by physical appearance hen he entered the Mosque in Damascus in the night and was dragged by his feet by a man in the Mosque as he did not allow him to pray. Another man came to Imam Ahmeds rescue (not knowing who he was) and wished to take him in to his home. Imam Ahmed asked the man if there was one thing he could wish for before he died what would it be. The man replied it would be to meet Imam Ahmed.

The morale of this story – nothing in this life is ever by chance, it may not make sense to us mere human mortals at the time, due to our own limited intelligence, what is fully known is only attributed to Allah, who had created us. There is an overall plan, and one must be thankful and be patient.

This day was very busy at the Jamarat, in fact even after we thought as a group we timed our journey well (after Asr), we were not, as the crowds were very large.
After Esha, we were blessed to have Shaykh Haitham Al Haddad who was on Hajj with Amaana Tours next to our own camp.

He was so full of energy and every time I see the Shaykh there is something that is always very memorable I take back with me.
The main message from him on this dars was:
• The main purpose of Islam – To Glorify Allah swt - this is manifested in Hajj. Through the glorification of Allah through submission, doing the acts of ebadat such as the Tawaaf, reciting the tarbiyyah (the real aqeedah as he called it).
• Increasing the size of the Ummah – more people saying the Shahadat, glorifying Allah swt. The story about Umar Ibn Al Khattab and what his intention of having sexual relations, was not for pleasure but to increase the Ummah.
• Allahs rights- we talk much about Human Rights, what about Allahs rights?
• Rationalisation – man cannot rationalise everything
• Have we “westernised” our ebaadat – there should be no shortcuts
• Tawwaf, Stoning and Sa’ee are all forms of dhikr of Allah, even if you do not recite at all
• Understand this principle of Glorifying Allah swt and make this a turning point in your life.

May Allah swt grant the Shaykh with all good in this World and the hereafter, Ameen.

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