Monday, 2 January 2012

14th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Thursday 10th November 2011)

In the morning, I was completely knocked out after taking some antibiotics and performed Dhuhr and Asr at the nearby Masjid and Akluma and I went around the nearby shops. There was very little to find here. The coaches from Azziziyah apartments to Makkah came after Asr and later we arrived at the 5 start As Shohada Hotel at 6pm.

The ques to getting our sets of keys was very long and most of the peeps were getting very tired. Ironically all the allocated rooms were okay except the room of Akluma and her co habitu├ęs. They had still been occupied by the previous residence and thus required time before the hotel can get the room ready to vacate. I later checked in to room #362 and Akluma to room #359 which was very convenient. The Swansea crew were in room #361 and Faisal from Commercial Street and his 2 other friends were in room #361. It was amazing that I knew most people on our corridor, that was the beauty of the Al Muntada group, and shows how close knit we became on this beautiful journey.

We went to the Harem to perform our Tawwaf al Ifaada around 9.30pm. We managed to do this on ground floor, managing to get to the Yemeni corner and touched the blessed Kabbah. We were there for some time, making our duas. Alhamdulillah once you are there, it feels very peaceful, and getting to touch it is the difficult part. We did try to get close to the black stone and with the crowds proving to be a very big obstacle we later dismissed this idea. We finished the Tawwaf and Saee around 12am and celebrated back at the hotel.

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