Monday, 2 January 2012

13th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Wednesday 9th November 2011)

Tashreek – Day Three
I got up for Fajr and as always was the norm, we had a breakfast box delivered to our beds, this was a blessing. And with many croissants on the menu, I opted for a chocolate one, as the cheese variety we all the mina camp agreed was one that had to be consumed in dire need.

This was the quietest day of all the three previous days. Akluma and I went on our own to the Jamarat after Dhuhr, as now after 3 days we thought we have enough gravitas to do this and know the way back to our Mina camp. We also were feeling much better than the other days in Mina. We arrived back to Mina at 2.30pm in time for Asr Salaat. We had some rice and chicken (once again) which subsequently followed the packing and later departure from our camp at 4pm. It was rather emotional to leave what had been out home for the last 6 days, and dare I say it there was much love in the camp, even for the lavatories, I had already got used to these cubicles.

The diesel almost run out on the bus that I was on, and many u-turns later to find gas we were back on the road and on the way to Azziziyyah. There was long traffic for most of the journey as roads were blocked (which is typical during the Hajj season as I found). I met brother Zia from Croydon on the bus who works in Aldgate east.

We arrived at Azziziyya apartments at 7pm for one night stay. I took a nap whilst others went for a stroll. We had the Qurbani meat for dinner, it was scrumptious, Alhamdulillah. The Swansea crew were looking to head out to the Harem for 11pm, and Akluma and I were set for this until sleep got to the better of us. We got up at 5 to 11 and thought we should leave it and wait the next day when we are closer to the Harem from our hotel.

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