Monday, 2 January 2012

16th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Saturday 12th November 2011)

This is the day we intended to perform Umrah:
We got up for Fajr and then we stayed up after breakfast at the hotel. I did the preparation for Umrah like any other Umrah.

So at 8am in my umrah attire (2 white cotton towels) Akluma and I went to fetch a taxi to the nearest Meeqat point, Ayesha Masjid. The taxi cost us 80riyals and the driver waited whilst we prayed our Nafl Salaawat and made intention once again. This umrah was for my beloved Father who has suffered much in recent months with him being really ill and then being admitted to hospital which resulted in him being on Dialysis. May Allah accept my umrah. Ameen. Akluma also performed umrah for her Father. May Allah accept this umrah from her. Ameen

We performed the Tawwaf and Saee on the ground floor, the busiest parts of the Harem, MashaAllah we managed to complete this in good time. We just finished the saee 15 minutes before the start of Dhuhr adhaan, so it was very good timing on our part. So all in all took us 4 hours to get the Meeqat and complete umrah. Akluma and I were thinking we could do an umrah every day if it only takes 4 hours! However, we did not look to getting another look into umrah as we both became poorly.

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