Monday, 2 January 2012

15th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Friday 11th November 2011)

Today was Jummah in Makkah. It was very packed and we were informed we should leave our hotel rooms by 10.30am, so as us well times individuals we left at 11am.
We met my Mother In Law, Brother In Law and my new friend, my brother in laws younger brother, who resides and works in Jeddah. The younger brother was a right character and he lead us to where Aklumas maternal aunt was staying in Makkah. This proved to be quiet a long way away from where we met near the bridge of the Harem.
It was min Sylhet there, signs in Bangla, and looking at the people, you would be difficult to believe it was anything but Sylhet town! You could not even hear the Adhaan from where they were residing at, that’s how much noise there was and how many tall buildings the apartment was surrounded by.

After much deliberation, we ended up leaving around 9pm from Aklis aunts place, and so we prayed Esha and Witr at the Harem, with me leading. I thought may get a ticking off for having another Jammat after the main harem one, as some guards may think this was not allowed. It was okay and we safely escorted my mother in law to her Retaj apartement, room 740, which was on the doorstep of the Harem, MashAllah. We went to Misfala and

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