Monday, 2 January 2012

12th Dhul Hijjah 1432 (Tuesday 8th November 2011)

Tashreek – Day Two
Today was less busy at the Jamaraat than the previous days. We went after Asr and came back in good time for Maghrib around 6pm. On the return leg I got talking to Brother Imran and we spoke about how blessed it was for us to be invited to Hajj.
After esha prayer, we had another Shaykh from Amaana Tours come into our camp to provide us with another dars.

The main message was:
1. Patience of 3 types – In following the commands of Allah, in staying away from the prohibitions and lastly patience in times of calamity (lower and higher levels – having contentment with the calamity i.e. it is blessed).
2. Obedience
3. Reminder of Death
4. Brotherhood and Love
5. Other Benefits of Hajj
Leaving with the message, Hajj - if it is a turning point in one’s life than that is a sign that one’s Hajj is Mabrour, an accepted Hajj from Allah.

The hujjaj are a snapshot of the state of the ummah as you will encounter all types of people during your experience on Hajj.

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