Monday, 1 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 1

The day before Ramadan everyone and certainly I am no different to this, waits for their text messages and phones to go off after the sunset and Maghrib prayers.

I recieved those texts after Maghrib "Ramadan Mubarak" many times over and rightfully I sent as many texts back with my own personal touch to it.

I prepared myself for Ramadan like all other years, getting my clean clothes out, having a shower and wearing them to the Mosque for the first Tarweeh prayers. This prayers are Sunnat prayers of usually 20 rakat and can last for sometime (2 hours in my Mosque) as the intention is to complete the Qur'an recitation by the Qari over the course of the month usually until the 27th Night of Ramadan, earmarked to be the night of "Lay Latul- Qadr" (this as it happens is on one of the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan and thus the 27th is not set in stone). Left the Mosque close to 00:00, but it was a nice walk back home for contemplation of what Ramadan brings.

My sister ordered some Karahi Lamb Chops, the Ali family favourite dish from our local indian restaurant nearby "Karahi Queen", to savour after the Taraweeh prayers, it was delicious even at 01:00 in the morning!

Got up for Sehri around 04.15, think it was the right time, as quick as one can say its Fajr now, scoffed the bran flakes and went to sleep, and missed Fajr! Doh! Will not do this again, first round only...there are 30 more to go....Ding Dong!

Today has been ok, felt hungry at 08.00 when I got up to go to work but now I am fine and its 17.45 so just over 2 hours to go till I break my fast at 19:50 today.

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