Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 8

The day was more difficult than the previous weeks, would of thought the body and mind would had got used to it, just shows that the body can go back to it "normal" setting very quickly. Though even after that I did go to the gym, only to work the muscles for 20 mins but think I was definitely a defeated man as mind and body was not up for that type of challenge.

Iftar on Sunday (7th) was spent with family with my sister #2, my nephew and nieces with my bro in law were invited to dine and have Iftaar with us. My elder sis brought her close friend too so was a packed Ali casa and with stupendous food on show (which I must add could not get on camera as well the food was gone before I could take any shots of it....no it was not all because of me for those reading....lol).

Tarweeh prayers I now call "my own time" as even though its a prayer that I do in congregation with as much as 500-750 people at my local Masjid, I feel this is my time with Allah (swt) and can reflect sincerely on the day past and to prepare my mind and soul for the forthcoming day, it really is a beautiful experience. In previous years and as a teen, the Taraweeh salat I felt was a chore, and dreaded the nightfall when I had to go to to the Masjid to perform it, things have obviously changed for the better, Alhamdulilah.

There are things in the prayer that are worth observing, and having been attending such prayers for over two decades, things do not change much.

A few things of note:
- The Imam switch over after the 12th rakat from the slow to the speedy gonzalez fast lane ferrarri typed manoeuvre on the A40!
- The various attire on show, from jeans, long white dress, to various forms of hoodies (and yes they have the swagger too when going to Sajdah would you believe)
-Constant muttering of children and teens during the whole prayer (and the elders getting well annoyed)
- The 8 raka post exodus when you would think someone raised the fire alarm (not its for those that can't hack the full 20 - though that's the reason I feel the "slow" imam comes at the first leg to keep the 8'erz there longer).
- Water cups and bottles that come round for those that require it, (well it is a marathon of rakat almost lasting for 2hours after all)
-Brothers (some) stepping on your little toe when standing for salat (so beware get your toes out the way before its on lock down). It is fascinating that some brother like the side to side feet alignment and and some don't. The idea behind it is that in congregation nothing should pass by and all should be as one, with feet and shoulders touching - different school of thoughts have differing views of this.

Thought of the day:
"On no soul does Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear"

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