Friday, 19 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 18

The days so far have been good, Alhamdullilah and this day was no different. Usually start my day especially during Ramadan by doing my wudu (ablution) after I have dressed in the corporate attire (which is dark trousers, shirt, jumper if its cold, no tie required and blazer if one has a meeting to attend).

Do the wudo so I can be able to be in a God Conscious frame of mind on my travels and to protect me from any potential Fitna too as hey the Tube system has its own struggles apart from the smells and congestion. The wudu also has the benefit of you then subsequently performing wudu anywhere else where you may not be able to wash your feet so can then wipe your wet hands around your socks and upto your ankles (as long as conditions are met, see sites below for these).

It is not permissible for the person to pass wet hands over the socks unless he put them on in a state of purity.

“I was traveling with our Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه و سلم ) and the Prophet asked me saying, “Have you got any water?” I said, “Yes” … and poured out water so that the Prophet washed his face and hands… and his arms then wiped his head. Then I bent over to pull off his khuff (a type of thick sock) but the Prophet said “Leave them for I put on my khuff in a state of purification” then he wiped over them. (narrated by Al-Bukhari, Fath ul-Baari No. # 5353)

More information on wudu process can be found on this site:

It was a very busy at work, with system training a few colleagues, which made the time go so much more faster, and in no time at all, it was time to go home, so popped into the gym on the way home, 15mins later out again. Had much more energy than the previous day.

Read the Qur'an in the evening after Taraweeh (Completing Juz 4) and given that I had booked the coming Fri and Mon off from work to focus on doing more Ibadaat, spent the early hours of the morning speaking to Mum about how Ramadan was going for her.

Dad was coping well too, with the fast, as initial thoughts was he really was pushing it fasting given his condition, still recovering from his stroke, and with his diabetes being a constant talking point for the Nurses due to his lack of control.

Alhamdullilah, May Allah provide them the strength to do as much as they can in this blessed month. After All this is the month where the Shaytan (Satan) is caged up and the angels are out to record your good deeds, so best to make the most of it I say and supplicate to your hearts content.

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