Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 23

It was the 23rd night - yes and that means, it could be Laylatul Qadr tonight. So had to be psyched up for this so can stay up read the Qur'an and perform Tahajjud Salat.

Slept at 01.00 after my usual routine of, Tarweeh salat , reading the Quran (* 1 Jus), eating some rice or other forms of carbs followed by tea, watch Channel S with mum. Mum loves this programme during Ramadan and is an avid follower of the charity programme which starts at 18:00 and goes on until 05.00 (upto Fajr). Yes mother stays up for all of this, and each day she comes to me to say need to give money to this charity, Alhamdullilah she has a heart of Gold. Also Rizwan Hussain is on which make her viewing so much more pleasurable as she thinks he is abs great, I always say Mum hey you only have one son and its me, so lay off trying to adopt another one from the Tv

Got up again at almost 05.00 so made a quick entrance into the kitchen for some cereal which I drowned very quickly, read my Tahajudd salat and waited a few moments before reading Fajar prayers which followed with another Jus from the Qur'an. By that time it was 06.30 so thought with a Physio appointment at 08.30 cant go to bed, so stayed up.

The day went well, considering I had 4 hours of sleep, no gymming as got a right ticking off from the physio for my exploits with the weights at the lowest point of my energy body clock, so will leave this to rest for another week. Got home right into the call for Maghrib prayers, just like clock work I said to myself, have trust in Allah and he will see that you get your Iftar on time.

I finished the day reading more of the Qur'an, now on Jus 19. - with 12 to go, can I do this by the 27th Night...well watch this space....
p.s. The picture is of the Badshahi Masjid in Pakistan, totally unrelated to my day, nevertheless a beautiful Masjid you must admit.

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