Sunday, 7 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 7

Now a full week has gone by and Alhamdullilah Ramadan has been very fruitful. I thought prior to the the start of Ramadan, was fearing the long days of the summer, but with the weather not being as hot as expected on this time of the year, it has been easier than expected.

The tiredness is also not as bad as I can remember Ramadan to be. The body and mind conditioning usually happens in the first few days and this time round has been no different. I have been cutting down on my portions coming up to Ramadan as part of the 'Nam weight loss target which was moving on nicely and may have helped significantly in hindsight.

The lack of physical exercise is hard given I have been very active over the last few months, giving up footy (twice a week) squash, spinning classes and gym for a month.

I strolled in the garden for some fresh air today and was noticing a lot of the varieties of colours that the garden encompassed, the green grass, the brown shed, the varieties of flowers, pink, yellow, and the different shades of green in the various plantation s on show.

Both my parents love the garden immensely and I suppose that's one thing they can take from not being in Bangladesh, being close to nature. I came across the pair tree which I dutifully picked the pairs for Mum to prepare for Iftaar., they were abs delicious! It is a beautiful things producing your own fruits and vegetables, may this continue Insha'Allah onto the next generation.

Thought of the day:
"Life is what you make it, so make the best of this dunya in the name of Allah swt, and the gardens of paradise will be opened in the akirah"

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Riz said...

I opened with a pear as well today...the crop's a good eatin' right now. : )