Friday, 26 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 25

This day was one of the hardest if not the hardest thus far for the month of Ramadan.
I did not feel well in the early hours of the morning, but thought nothing of it, did not want to stay home, as work will keep me busy and the time will had to rush into work, just about got in pre-09:00, and then headed for a day of battle with my hunger, tiredness and colleagues in the meetings...the joys of projects!

I also had a lot on my mind too, with Ramadan lots of things had been put on hold, and when the body is at its most vulnerable, all other things tend to follow suit, the mind and the heart feel weak and thus the backlog of thoughts.

It was a strange day, the infection my left eye was getting worse by the day, and by the time I got home just in time for Iftar at 18:55, vision in my left eye was slightly hampered. Soaked some tissue in hot water and dabbed it on the affected eyelid, which helped.

There was no stopping me though, battled the day light hours and was prepared to fight the evening and night, had 100% faith in Allah that he will guide me if I call to him. It was a low point,

I was searching inside, real hard, to fight my thoughts and physical and mental fatigue, and thus went to get some spiritual enlightenment from the evening Taraweeh Salat.

This time I really needed salvation. The first half of my Salat, the Musallah (prayer mat) was perched on the edge of a incline (was praying outside the Mosque as it gets packed by 09:00), had to contend with a 1.4 tread incline in the first 4 rakat (it was hard adjusting the feet at sajdah (prostration)), moving onto a 1.2 for a further 4 rakat and then on the flats indoors away from the weather! My mind was weathering, was trying to keep focus on a point on the mat and ignore all other pain and just simply listen to the Qari reciting the Qur'an. It was hard and body was not getting any better, then after the 12 rakat, a call to nature pit stop was on the abode and with the forthcoming wudu that followed this was the salvation I required. Fresh wudu and a new lease of life, I felt much better. Alhamdullilah.

I intended to take a rest that night given there was enough for me to contend with during the day.

Thoughts of the Day:
Just when everything is pulling you under, have faith in Allah swt and the blessing will come in one way or another, immediate blessings we all sometimes cry out for, however Allah swt knows best and is the best of all planner, we much have much Sabr (patience) and for sure the blessing will come.

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Riz said...

Man, you really are getting worse for wear with this gammy eye and thought build up. Not long to go now, but get the eye fixed!