Monday, 1 September 2008

Ramadan knocks..

"...their is a knock on the door, and by the sounds of its tone, is one that screams out to be opened.

As I open the door slowly, looking for a sign of who it can be, and then it dawns upon me that it is no other than the best of guests, Ramadan. With this in my mind I welcome and embrace Ramadan synonymous to a mother wrapping her her arms to her new born for the first time" -Abz

Ramadan bring me great great pleasure and brings a warm large smile to my face and life.

It is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and is obligatory upon all muslims as written in the Holy Qur'an.

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed
to you as it was prescribed to those
before you, so that you may learn
self-restraint”(Al-Qur’an 2:183)

Throughout the 30 or so days that Ramadan is with me, I will keep you posted on my own developments on a day to day basis, featuring body, mind and soul and what has helped me through it all, the ups and downs, that's is after all life and one cannot perfect their deen without experiencing the struggles I say.

This month will be a long one with almost 16 hours of fasting on Day 1, it would be something that certainly my generation would not had experienced or have memories of experiencing.

I would most welcome your comments too on your own personal experiences as well as on mine so please do.

p.s The calender featured on this site is from the ICC (Islamic Cultural Centre - Regents Park Mosque) and the times for Sehri may well differ from your local Mosque timetables.

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