Thursday, 11 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 9 & 10

The days have been coming and going so fast that I have accrued two days of blogging! Alas there is a life apart from blogging I hear you all cry...but rest assured I am back on it again with much oomph!

With 10 days passing and marking a 1/3 of Ramadan, it feel rather nice, being content with life and the things around me.

One thing I have notice more about my ownself is that I have become much more focussed and have had more Sabr in the tasks I choose to do, whether it be work, salat to the general communication with folks, friends and siblings. Suppose with the dramatic fall in energy levels that was expected to some extent, but the spiritual journey is the unknown factor.

Insha'Allah that this change goes into my permanent stream of thoughts and one way to do that is to keep the the stomach in the correct ratio - 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 air.

I cam back from Taraweeh prayers and put the old telly on (yes, the traditionalist will say what you mean you have the TV plugged into the socket during Ramadan?) and their was a documentary on the BBC called "Funny thing about Ramadan". This can be viewed on BBCiplayer (which will last only for 7 days)

This documentary was about a Scottish sister, a stand up comedian by profession, whose parents were both Muslim, with her own association of being Muslim having been lost since her early kindergarten years and she was asked by a brother to fast, at least a day for the production of this doc' .

I suppose I do empathise with her to some extent when she spoke about doing things like being forced to attend Islamic classes on Saturdays to read the Qur'an when all other children were watching Saturday Morning TV and playing on their Commodores/Sega Master systems (now you can guess my age from this). But I feel my grounding on Islam came due to the environment I was (which my parents were a large part of) and the benefit that I personally found both spiritual and physical from the actions I took within the realms of Islam, which did not come so easily and it does take time.

I think the programme was ok, nothing special as it really should of been a full length hour doc' on what the true essence of what Ramadan is for a variety of people as I found it only scraped the tip of the iceberg when it interviews a few people on it. Nevertheless it is a start to more docs on faith and Islam (which show a positive side to it) I hope for the BBC and TV in general.

Thoughts of the day:
"The spiritual journey sits on a very long road one must find their own highway as long as its one that causes them peace and harmony and with the end result of ultimate contentment with life, we must not be haste with things that come our way; respect the things around you and Allah will ensure you will flourish"

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