Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 2

Had much to eat for Iftaar, starting with breaking my fast with dates from Madinah, and then came the local Bengali delicatessen's of "kissouri" (this is made from broken rice and with ghee/butter) with "sana" (chick peas with onions), it is most delicious (taste so much better when you are fasting, I must say).

The night was very fruitful, took Paps to the Masjid for Taraweeh Salat, he has not been to the Mosque since his stroke back in April so was a nice change for him to get out especially given that he never misses Taraweeh in the Mosque for as long as I can remember. Thought my idea for him to take him on the bus to get some exercise was a good ideas only up to 11.30pm when waiting for the buses in the cold got a little too much.

Nevertheless bought Paps some Mango tins for him to savour at Sehri (as long as he can control his blood-sugar level that is).

Had a little bit of rice with fried fish (which my cousing sis Sanwara made over the weekend and passed on to Mum). My cousins cooking is so good, it beats any restaurant cuisine hands down. It has been known that peeps drive miles to come to her house just for the food, mind you her new house is beautiful, Alhamdullilah.

I ended the day as I always to during Ramadan on the sofa sleeping whilst watching the end of the documentary of Mosques and Sisters which was a very bias account I must add of most sisters in Britian, well what can one do when you have this to content with on this beautiful blessed month and on Day 1 too!

Ramadan thought of the day:
"Ensure that those who have dearly loved and cared for you in your formative years are not neglected, keep them warm in your hearts and do no despair when challenges are placed upon you as for Allah (swt) will not provide one with challenges that He knows you can not overcome"

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