Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 15

Had some Quaker Oats for Sehri with some Gales with Lemon Honey, it was amazingly good. I would definitey recommend this to those who are curry shy in the early hours. My parents have always had curry and rice at Sehri, not sure how they do it, definitely dont have the palet to do that. Must be my Britishness coming out, porridge it is and will continue to be.

The day went well at work, was rather busy, which is not a bad thing, could not go for a "dry" coffee break with a good brother of mines at work, called Zakariyya. But hasten not met up with him after work, prayed Asr Salat in the usual place on the 1st Floor of the Disaster Recovery Site we have been tarnished away at RBS which is named Regents House. We both then went to its names sake but no affiliation, Regents Parks Mosque to break our fast. which we did with almost 500-750 people (only as an estimate). It was amazing and well recommended even for once in Ramadan, for anyone wanting to get a real feel of community. With this being the Central Mosque in London it attracts all types of Muslims, from all races and cultures, a truly remarkable way to break the fast with the Ummah.

The Mosque also provides a gratuity Iftar with a box of rice and chicken with dates, milk and fruits. It was just great, Alhamdullilah. The brothers were very helpful and each person truly wanted to help their fellow brother (not to mention the sisters who were from my brief observation were doing likewise).

Helped myself to some cakes too (£1.00 a slice so can not go wrong, so ended up piling some for mum and elder sis back home).

I was feeling really drained when I got home, no rest for me, 5 mins in, wudu, a change of clothes, a cup of mums chai and off for Taraweeh! When I did get home, was really feeling weak and with a sore throat on the cards itching to become a virus, I rightly went straight to bed. Felt a little better at Sehri, so ended up reading more of the Qur'an after Fajr Salat, which was really nice.

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