Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 22

Not long to go now, 8 days and this beautiful month will end until another year Insha'Allah.

Spent the night reading the Qur'an and performing Tahajudd Salat. This is a voluntary prayer (Nafl) that is performed in the 1/3 part of the night prior to Fajr prayer. It is done with intense contemplation where it differs to other prayers by the length of time you are at Ruku and Sajdah as this is longer due to reciting extra durrud. It can be done in any number upto 12 rakats (in the form of 2s).

I spent the day at home, taken a rest from work and the world well as much as one can staying in the confines of my casa. Had a nice lie in getting up at 13.30 to start my day. Performed my Salat and was in gear for reading the Qur'an once again.

Went out for a while to run some errand for mum, and then back home again to break my fast. Think my stomach has shrunk though as can't take in as much as I did at the former Iftars. Also I have no reason to crave for food any longer, don't feel thirsty either, it is rather werid.

Went to Taraweeh, my auto pilot routine when the clock hits 20:45 I am out the door making my way across the streets of London (which is usually consumed by the new wave of Chavs, various sisters in full burkas, the odd lay about intoxicant, the pizza delivery L plated moped driver, and wont be London if you did not have a siren copper Vaxuhall Astra zooming pass you in 90mph!) to get to the Mosque.

On the way back it is little quieter, but the clientele is rather more volatile, intoxicants more intoxicated and well good folks generally are no where to be seen. With my new wave of hey these people are "noise" to me, I just go about doing my thing and if anyone requires help will assist as long as I am not at threat.

Read more of the Qur'an when I came back, completing Jus 17 now. Has a treat by watching some of the new Harry Enfield show as a amigo reminded me of it, this was a nice treat, not the same as chocies but more laffs'.

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