Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 17

The day had been a very bust one at work, and though the hunger was not an issue, fatigue was very much at the heart of my day more so after 15:00, usually when I do take time out for a coffee break.

It is rather weird to be sitting at ones PC workstation for well all of 8-9 hours during work, as there is no reason to go to the lavatory, can not go to the drink machine or to the coffee shop, so ones limbs may just be laying idle at the desk.

Apart from attending meetings which is only a light jog into the foyer, their is really no other cause to get up. I usually make the time to stroll around, whether it be going to see another colleague, or simply to go out for much needed fresh air even for 5 minutes and the "dry" coffee breaks do keep the blood flowing to the rest of the body more efficiently then if I was stationery for too long.

I was not feeling in my best of moods today, don't know why, maybe a combination of many things, the financial "crisis" causing tension to my own civilian livelihood, as I have had a close friend of mine who got the axe from Lehman's' on Monday, so it brought things right home, as the lottery would have it known, it could be YOU! Also with work causing more tension then its worth even writing about, so will stop right there.

So Iftar was spent on the train once again as the days are getting shorter about 2mins shorter per day and getting home from work in time for Iftar is a big push, so end up packing some dates and water in my racksack to savour on the journey. Got home and did not feel the best so had something to eat, rested and then went for a walk slowly to get to the Mosque for Taraweeh. I had much to think about, life, family, friends, past, present and future, its what one will call "contemplation". I suppose that's what Ramadan is for, to cleanse one and better oneself for the long term , Insha'Allah.

I got home from Taraweeh, started reciting the Qur'an and then again after Fajr, I am making good progress, now on the start of the 5th Juz, Alhamdullilah.

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