Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ramadan - Further Reading & Contemplation

During Ramadan there is much time to think about non-worldly matter i.e. mortgage, finance, sports, tv, so this provides much time to read material on Islam and the Qur'an.

I have been reading an article: "The Wrappings of Gratitude - We Seek and See another World", see the link below:

This is a very deep thought provoking article, about the dunya (this life as we know it) and akirah (the after life) about true love.

Here are a few quotes from the site which have stayed with me:

"...relationship between husband and wife, the perfect marriage is represented through the perfect marriage of two principles, of Justice represented by the man, and love or compassion represented by the woman. Justice gives love its meaning, and love gives justice its strength"

“O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; for he is to you an avowed enemy”. (Qur’an, Baqarah 2:208).

"...before we are granted a physical paradise we must learn to exist in a spiritual paradise"

“all goodness is from Allah, all evil is from yourselves”

"For to deny pure goodnes, pure love, true love, all of which are the same, would be to deny the Creator of all good, Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala"

"Truth and beauty go hand-in-hand, they are in seperable and intimate companions, one cannot exist without the other"

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