Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 12,13 & 14

The days of Ramadan have been going faster than they have been coming.... Already on half way thought this beautiful month and so far it has been a great blessing.

Fri - 12; Younger sis came back from Guildford after her first weeks stint at becoming a English teacher, she was exhausted and needed the homecoming fast by the look of her. I attended the gym that day and was abs. useless - no energy at all! Maybe if I change my Sehri eating ways that may change my energy levels, i.e. eat properly at Sehri and not just eat dates.

I booked myself on a four day course over 2 weekends, called "Journey Through the Qur'an", lectured by Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad. With the first weekend starting on Sat 12th, See more information on the course on a separate blogg on the course. It was an excellent course and I would definitely recommend to All.

Sat - 13; With the course in full gear, had to really prepare myself mentally for a hard day, but Alhamdullilah the day went well, with me getting back to mi casa just before the break of fast time of 19:22. Younger sis was making sure I did not miss it as she made some very delicious dishes, the food was awesome. May Allah swt bless her.

Sun -14; I was invited to a friends Iftari, Anwar from the "Kind Eddys Sunday Footy", so had to rush back from the end of the class to get their, which I managed to do in good time. There was an array of foods on display ready for the team of 10-12 staving male carnivores on show waiting to feast after our Maghrib prayers, the only thing on risk are Anwars' two young boys who may have been mistaken for a chicken leg the way everyone was waiting to eat. The deserts - which those that know me well is my "main" course, and it did not fail in my testing. Had to shortly leave for the Taraweeh prayers...suppose that was my stop loss on the desert.

I have completed Jus 1 (Para 1) in the early hours of this morning after Fajr prayers and now into the 2nd Jus. There are 30 Jus in total and are parts rather than chapters. The Suras of which there are 114 in the Qur'an which are interchangeably referred to as chapters. Some of the Qur'an texts have been split in Jus's in order for people to complete a Jus/day and thus complete the Qur'an in a month. I am as you can read well behind as I have started late and thus have to play catch up, Insha;Allah I am up for that challenge.

It was most refreshing to read the Qur'an in the 1/3 part of the night, as it has been written in the Qur'an that those who wake up to read in the 1/3 part of the night, which is the most difficult time to get up and read, an angel will watch over them and report back to Allah swt and thus it proved to be the most rewarding and fulfilling.

I also feel that once you have read your Fajr prayers, read the Qur'an and made supplications you really do feel content and the sleep is so much more fulfilling and peaceful.

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