Saturday, 6 September 2008

Taqwa - 6 Characteristics to emulate

I have come across an article on the site:, where it provides a neat and easy to digest essence of what characteristics are required for one to be truly fearful of the the punishment of Allah (Swt) (Taqwa).

Here is a snapshot of one of the main messages:

"Allah provides us with some examples of the behaviour of the people with taqwa, so that we can strive to emulate them.
  1. They spend out of what Allah has provided them with in both prosperity and adversity.

  2. They repress their anger, in particular when they are capable of acting upon it

  3. They are forgiving of others and freely pardon those who have wronged them

  4. They quickly rush to seek Allah’s forgiveness when they commit any wrong – big or small

  5. They know with certainty that only Allah can forgive sins (and they expect that from Him)

  6. They don’t knowingly persist in those wrongs, meaning that they don’t delay repenting

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