Saturday, 20 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 19

Just got up today to a nice warm sunshine sipping though the gap between my bedroom curtains and the window ledge. It was Jummah day, and this is the special day of the week for Muslims globally.

As I was at home today, I got up later than normal, for around 10:00, so gradually got ready to my Qur'an and Salat reading attire, which currently is a curta and bottoms which elder sis brought for me for her south asia travels a few years back.

I completed the day, with the end of Jus 11. Masha'Allah. Taking time off definitely helped as had more time to focus more on Ramadan and Ibadat more.

Went to Jummah and met one of my Fathers friends on the way, who was enquiring about Dad and how had not seen him for over 7 months. He obviously was not informed about his stroke. Dad went to Jummah prayers ahead if me as he has his own special place with his buddies near the first row. There are two marque set up outside the local Mosque, especially during Ramadan and it is really nice and tranquil in the night prayer with the breeze, def better than being inside where it can get very hot and sticky.

Younger sis came back from work later and we broke Iftar together with our parents, the other sisters were out.

Did not read any of the notes from my course last weekend so will do that Insha'Allah tomorrow morning.

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