Friday, 5 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 5

...22 hours and I have survived! Yes the longest day I have ever fasted unintentionally due to the previous days mishaps.

Well rest assured was not going to let that happen again. The day surprisingly went pretty well, did not feel so bad, think the tiredness was put to bed (pardon the punt) with more than the "usual" amount of sleep for Ramadan so that helped.

So what do I do in this mood, I get my gym kit ready to hit the weights after work. My energy levels as expected was at a very low by the time I got to the bench press, so after 20-25 minutes of diddle dawdling on went home to break my fast.

I ended up breaking my fast at home in good time, had the usual and then rested - no more over indulging I said I know where that got me yesterday.

Just as I thought I almost got back on par with the Ramadan timing and bang missed Sehri and woke up at 05:15, so prayed by Fajr, thus giving myself 19 hours of fast to look forward to for the day. As I write this I don't feel so bad, had good sleep and prayed to Allah to keep me in good stead throughout the day.

May need a very good Alarm Clock to get me up or rather trade the one I have with a nice traditional housewife (the modern ones just dont follow the Ronseal approval ("Does what it says on the tin"). Mind you may get a hose pipe drainage if I ever did say that, as there is hadith quoting this...not the hosepipe but the water sprinkling to get one up for Fajr prayers.

Ramadan thought of the day:
"Do not delay as what can be done today, as time is precious, if you do things with the intention of pleasing Allah (swt), blessings will be bestowed upon your task"

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