Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 3

...from the break of fast in Day 2, I have made the intention not to over indulge especially between Iftaar and Esha prayers. This is easier said then done.

After having opened my fast with the " usual" array of food mum had prepared, I sat down with a cup of tea, and downed it with a fine cheese cake I bought for my sisters Birthday, it was abs gorgeous. My will power did not give in, and just was content with a slice (will check tonight to see if there is more of this left over - I am fearful that they may not be - bah!).

Mind you, there was some nice pilaw rice that mum had dished up but given that I had keema (minced meat) with "fita" (not sure what you call this in English), had to stop right there.

Finished the day off with a 100ml actimel pot and headed to my resting place around 00.15 which is pretty good for me. Got up for Sehri around 04.10 and made some Quaker Oats Porridge. Thought this would be the right tonic to keep me going for the day IA. Performed my Fajr 15-20 minutes after the end of Sehri, spending time doing Dhikr (supplications to remember Allah swt) in between. At that time of the morning, it feels good to when no one is up and you can think all alone with the company of All mighty creator, its very peaceful and find sleep is so much more fulfilling after.

Ramadan thought of the day:
"Be thankful to Allah (swt) for even the smallest things in life, for what may appear small to the naked eye, are larger than life in your heart of hearts"

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