Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ramadan - Day 4

Day 3 was a long long day at the office, thought it will never end. It did not help as it was such a slow and boring day, had very little do to for the majority of the day due to issues with servers.
Also with 3 days of no physical exercise, the body was feeling it, it was weak and can tell that it was craving to be put back together like a jigsaw. I thus made the intention to go to the gym in the evening, after work before Iftaar. With the way I was feeling, had second thoughts and headed straight to the tube to get some sleep!

Yes, I dont usually sleep on the tubes and trains but no stopping me now, Ramadan has put an end to the metro reading (if you call it that - usually its about celebs doing what they shouldn't and the odd international news when and where the editors see fit) and thinking of what can I do on the tube to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and more zzzzzzzzzzzz! Dribbles later (not so much as I had nothing to drink or eat), got home an hour before Iftaar around 18.55. Iftar was at 19.45 today, so had a light kip on my bed until I smelt the samosas and all the noise of the crockery ready for the break of fast, so I headed down towards the kitchen for the big feast!

Thought slow and easy Abz, slow and easy with the food, no one will take it, you have rightfully earned it, May Allah swt provide you with much Sabr. So that the way I started and well the finishing was a completely different story.

With Tarawee finishing around 23.15 I thought better eat more before as will go to bed when I come home from the Mosque. So had some Pilaw rice with lamb chops and keema. Could not finish the food when I had a sudden pain all around my stomach, think I definitely must have cosumed over 1200 kcals easy in the duration of the time taken for a football match! I could not move literally, so lied down downing what I had with some much needed H2O. Next thing you know missed Esha and Tarawee and it was now 00:10!

Went to my room to get ready for prayer and concked out in my bed and got up at 05.15 (oh no missed Sehri - this is not good), so prayed my Fajr and went to bed. Now have a pain saking long day ahead of me, May Allah (swt) make the day ahead easy for me. The last time I ate or drank was at 21:20 (Day 3) and Iftar will be at 19:43 today (so that almost over 22 hours of no food or water for me). At this rate I will be the "Machinist" (Christian Bale featured film where he only consumed one apple and water daily for the part).

Ramadan thought of the day:
"Have Sabr in all things you do, even from the simple tasks for eating and talking, as those that show patience and forbearance will be the ones that Allah (swt) will be pleased with"

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